Hidden Rune found on TT Online

Interesting. Anyone find any others?

Maybe it’s more chances to get into the glitched market this week-end ?

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according to twitter it translates to dunk


Dunk to get into the market maybe

I’m thinking so too. Perhaps so many dunks needed to get into it?

I think all of these have hidden meanings to get into different ones.

Imma get all my best dunkers lol

Ill use Kawhi, Russ and Ohl I think

Giannis, DRob and someone else lol

If everyone goes for dunks, it may be a bit easier to get wins by continuing to play normally and shoot 3s.


Is this a hidden locker code?

Looks like it, but I can’t make it out


Something like that lol


I think it’s 2TUEE

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Someone tried to say on twitter that they got the code and got Opal TMac lol

What’s the code ?

Idk . Still trying to figure it out.
Also I’m thinking perhaps we need to either get dunks in TT Online or use players with high Dunk Ratings/ a certain player who is known for dunking(dominique perhaps might be the card since he was released as part of mystery packs)

The Guy doesn’t tell us the code. I think he’s just trying to get attention

Lets keep searching

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DK00W-9TUEF-20AXA doesnt work

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Yeah I do think that too.
I didn’t see that part. This thread was about the hidden rune that translates to dunk, which makes perfect sense since they released a well known dunker in packs this week.