Hidden lockercode?

Hidden lockercode?

What is the code? Do I have to look for the code as it’s unique to my game or is there a generic code?

I watched a video but I still do not get it.

Thanks in advance

I spent about an hour yesterday going into the other modes, 2ku, WNBA game, ect… only found one thing that has 5 digits on it and I’m not even sure if it’s a code or not, I’d give up while you’re ahead I can’t get that hour of my time back lol

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It’s a ridiculous Easter egg hunt and the codes are only redeemable once.

It’s not worth your time.

Not to mention the codes are rewarding players like Jimmer, Scalabrine, and darko milicic.

A bunch of meme players.

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Well to be fair they also have a Lonzo, cousins, kd, so it’s just not the trolls but I really can’t see how these are in the game anywhere when I spent an hour with my gf just looking for 5 digits on anything only thing I got was this

And even then only thing on there is enter this code 1011 and that’s not even 5 digits