Hey, Everyone

Just reminding everyone to keep things civil on the forum during this time of glitches & server issues from 2k. We’re all aggravated with the servers and emotions are heated from glitches, but if possible, keep arguments in DM’s and off the threads. I’m not suggesting everyone needs to hold hands and sing “We Are the World”, but please adhere to the basic forum guidelines for conduct.

Also, please make an attempt to use the plethora of existing threads about servers, glitches, etc. instead of making more new threads about the exact same topics… this will help keep things less cluttered and less redundant. The 2KG staff may decide to condense some of these threads by leaving the first & oldest ones open, and closing the newest. Please don’t take offense if your thread is chosen to be closed… again, it’s just to keep the clutter to a minimum.

Thanks for understanding and keep your fingers crossed about these servers! :crossed_fingers:t3:



One Kins to Rule Them All

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Agree, people also need to stop blaming each other when 2k is at fault, know where to direct your anger.

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At this moment, I’m thinking the “We Are The World” is our best option.


It may come to that lol.

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Better than staring at an error screen

Yall know football on right???


Not the Browns though

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Nobody want to see them anyway lol

take it back

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Lol ok maybe they not as bad



My whole family is Fins fans, im from Boston so big game today


Oooo shit yea, i want to see flash gordon do something

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I hate the patriots tho lol

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Yeah I’m a Fins man. It’s rough Rn.

Not too bad lol

Does anyone else have like an adopted team? I’m a Skins fan and the Browns are my adopted team.

Im a rams fan but adopted the saints

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