Hey 2K....since you dropped this patch

How about you do not give difficulty/EQ boosts to worthless POS that run eight bronzes?


This shit is 800 times more cancerous than the peekaboo.

If you use the EQ to your advantage you should walk into oncoming traffic.

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Damn that’s a little harsh lol

I agree

It is such a detriment to the game and it is glossed over like it isnt real.


Facts, I just can’t for the life of me understand why there are features built into the game to help the unskilled user. I don’t play against real people to get screwed over by AI interference.
Hey 2k, get the fuck outta people’s pockets & let us play straight up!!!


My full uncontested whites that all look like good releases: clank
Opponents smothered whites: all in
My players stop in the middle of dunk/ running possession for no reason to get blocked/contested
Opponents go thru my bodies like they ain’t even there, his guys running thru my defenders like they’re ghosts

Conclusion: EQ is fake


Bottom line.

@Knezius I agree 100 percent man. It is clear as a sunny day.

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It’s also funny when people say: get gud. Dude, i get EQ on my side as well, plenty. Like duh, i don’t need that for myself either.


Difficulty manipulation works both ways. I’m sure you’ve made dumbass shots and won games you have no business winning.

But of course you don’t think about that because it worked in your favor. But go ahead keep thinking the “equalizer” exists only to screw you over.

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It magically

It happens every time I play an asshole with 8 bronze players and I still win 9 times out of 10. I don’t want to hear your better than everyone else bullshit .

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The full bronze bench definitely gets benefits. I’ve said that often

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I look at it as a way to build a stacked team with minimal mt, especially since every card has 95+ stamina and quarters are only 5 min long.

People mad about “full whites” not going in. Probably time to flip that meter off

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The no quit penalty is only there to make the grind worse to convince ppl into buying vc lol the game continually makes purposefully detrimental decisions to the customers enjoyment and they expect that this wont eventually bite them in the ass. I know they’ve already done enough where this is my last 2k. When they have a mycareer with custom rosters and ability to make any player with ability to get to all 99s in every attribute and all badges without an absolutely insane grind as well, then ill consider coming back, so probably never. They could have this mycareer mode seperate from the online stuff so that they could keep their stupid esport balancing for the park players.

Nothing changed with the patch. The game is just toxic trash this year. MTU is still a joke

I don’t think I even got an update lol

I played in the Myteam Ranker diamond cup last night, got beat by a twitch streamer by 20 points, would have been worse had i not just took him in the post every possession in the fourth quarter.

Why I didn’t do that the entire game no clue.

I’m a dribbler, it’s impossible to dribble in MTU or PWF, against the right settings, I stupidly picked up glitched JR smith and thought oh he’s a nice shooter, problem is I couldn’t get open with him.

His dribbling is ass, OMG! I hate that card!

He smoked me with brogdon and bam, and I tucked my head and went back to freestyle, figured some shit out, then forced 4 rage quits, before I lost up fourteen in second quarter. Another 4-0 exit from 12-0 journey.

I feel like I’m getting a lot better at the game and then random shit hits me and I just can’t do shit.

I put a ton of time into practicing, and can even guard 90 overalls in the park with my 60 ovr.

If I could just quit switch on defense so much and just offball on one dude all game, I might do alright.

I just can’t figure out offball for the life of me,

And it’s killing me.

Offball defense wears your players down so much more than onball ever could.

It’s like a momentum boost when you have a guy like opal Oscar using his thick ass build to smother you!

He gets bump steals and makes you blink, and before you know you’re down 4 with a minute to go and they hit a 100% contested post hook, and you score and have to foul immediately.

No matter how much you practice this game, if you don’t adapt to this, I’m afraid I have to say me and anyone will never be elite.

And for a guy like me, ex professional golfer, striving to be elite in competition is what I was built for.

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