Hes here bois! Rudy's in da house!

2x 11-1, 1x 10-2 and so on, but it’s finally there! Grind so hard M’***ers can’t fine me :rofl::rofl::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::joy::sweat_smile::four_leaf_clover:

Mutombo with some beyond AMAZING stats!

Oscar been so so so much better then Magic, steals, getting around the screens, shooting, pretty much everything, him and Gobert were second coming (after Mutombo)

All monthly rewards are now mine, happy days! :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:


Congrats mannnn

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Hell yeah good shit bro :muscle: took me a few tries as well lol

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Gg man !

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Congrats on the reward sweep. where are you going to run Rudy?

Congrats!. Might have to try out this Mutombo. Got burned by him so many times already.

Most likely starting 3. Prolly this lineup, might upgrade some spots tho.


Once you throw it down with Rudy

Rudy is a god at sg with that size and post ability. Think he’s averaging like 24/3/5 for me through like 8 games. So many rage/dashboard quits I can’t even build his games played.

Bron/Rudy/Bird/KG/Dikembe lineup got people quitting like their boss just called them into work

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Get that damn Lonzo too > both Oscar and Magic unfortunately :sweat_smile:

He’s been hands down my favorite sg in the game, which has surprised me a little.

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Consider getting PG13 and DRob (PF)

Anyone know someone doing 12-0s, PS4?

Congratulations man, I just got him last night and the grind was real, GO Lebron saw me thru it all tho, never tho about running him at the 2, might have to try that


Might buy PG once super packs are out. :sweat_smile:

I did/do, he dealing with some family issues right now tho so he probably won’t have the time

Yah I know who you’re talking about

Yea I just was playing to play, not to actually get him and fucked around and got to 11-0 and was nervous as shit, but got it done, I didn’t face one team with more then 2 GOs, I only have GO Lebron and the rest were reward players but all Diamonds or Amy’s

Congrats man!

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Congrats, dude!

I just got him yesterday, too. I don’t play much anymore, but this was the sweatiest shit I’ve ever seen. Games 4-11 were nothing but off ball press, high iso zig zaggers with full Opal squads. Half of them already had Rudy. Like WTF?

I have sold most of my team, So Rudy has a spot for now. Either gonna sell the MT, or get crazy and lock for Shaq for some end game fun.