Here's the reason why the 250k Qualifier system makes no sense

Here's the reason why the 250k Qualifier system makes no sense

That’s horrible :joy::joy:

Heard bruh got 5 GOs too

The team Goggles used


bruh how

thats impressive no giannis

anyone figure why it says another qualifier tmr?

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You’re the Cavs Hooper’s?


Sorry I am playing on Euro server a ck23 with Cavs jersey and Hooper’s name, thought it might be you

Nah, I switch between Nets 02 and custom North Carolina court and Jerseys.

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Giannis only scores 2s you need to pile on the 3s to force as many early rage quits as possible.

Playing close games or getting stuck in long blowout games won’t allow you to qualify even if you win all of your matches.

It’s a dumb system but that’s how it works – same as last year.

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What’s the xbox leaderboard look like

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I’m gonna say it now. Ty ESGN is the best player I’ve played against all year, not surprised he got 1st on Xbox and I definitely see him making a deep run this year in the tourney

I just beat new easy mula the other day in unlimited pretty badly. How the hell did he rank so high lol

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thing is when ever i use giannis he shoots 80 and scores in like 5 seconds so his quick buckets = out to 2s it frustrates opponents when they have to watch giannis just hop stepping all game

Ty on ps4 is the goat of myteam in my opinion but this dude on xbox swept the comp by 500 total points thats impressive

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nvm leefy made it GG

The tye dude is on ps4?

tydebo sumn like that

That would be fair if the servers weren’t so shitty. From what ppl told me cuz indent play myteam anymore. One of my subs said he couldnt play in the tourney after he got a 2k error glitch in a game and it wouldn’t let him back in.