Here's the reason why the 250k Qualifier system makes no sense

Basically you have to cheese your ass off in order to qualify. If you’re not forcing rage quits, then you have no chance. This makes no sense to me because some of the best players play a defensive style of basketball with a slower pace.

It seems as if 2K wants to encourage this cheesy style of gameplay with how the point system in the qualifiers works. Makes absolutely no sense. Madden allows guys to play a completely separate competitive mode and get wins on a leaderboard over the course of a month or so in order to qualify for tourneys. Only thing that matters is the W.


Not to mention a bunch of guys get salty and call all their timeouts to purposely stall.

Ideally, a last man standing type tournament would be really cool. One where everyone gets knocked out after the first loss and it just keeps going until only one person is left.

But that would probably take way too long. So I don’t know how they could do it fairly tbh.


No lol. They just literally dont care about anything. They just put a thing (tourney) up and however it works, it works.

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Agree 100%

Damn is it single elimination?

ESports is here to stay but 2k is not even close to executing like some of the other games do. Look at LoL or Rocket League qualifiers or championships then look at 2k (specifically last year championship for 250k so pathetic). Honestly this year is going to be a repeat of last year, epic fail.

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I don’t think he’s correct though. My first game was a rage quit in the first quarter and my second was a full length game and I got the same amount of points. Didn’t play anymore because I had to go somewhere though so all I have are those 2 examples

yea i think it is just lost to lets get it ramo now i cant play again lmao

I got blown out by llmattyll

Dude look at his shooting



He was shooting from like 40 feet away. Most of those misses came in the fourth.

He’s in 8th right now. I played him last week in MTU. Got destroyed.

The shooting blew me away.

Who was he shooting with?

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The misses were runners in the fourth for Kobe.

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A heavy dose of pick & fades?

Nah man. You know how players sag behind the line like 5 ft, he was hitting shit from there.

I remember saying there’s no way anyone can Green that often when I played him. Guess it wasn’t a fluke

That damn HOF Volume Shooter badge is cheese


This should be the qualifiers this week. I played 5 games, went 5-0. Maybe i should’ve just tried to get top 100…im not wasting time playing 50 games though

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