Here comes a PD locker code

Ronnie said “amazing”

It’ll be Lou Williams

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Guys guys guys… most amazing code? Re-releaase Lonzo confirmed.

I’m soo tired of these codes… now I have too chose between booty and a code…

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Just make it quick

Booty Bro. Fuck these codes.

Lol ima type the code while I pound?

Kind of like George Costanza sneeking his pastrami on rye mid sex lol



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does that mean its coming at 9 pm est ?

I’m gonna try bro “hey babe can you hold tight for a minute Ronnie’s calling” :joy::joy:

Within next hour, does it mean 6-7 or within one hour

Be ready on the new hour

Any guesses on the player?

“Most amazing pink diamond #LockerCodes” PD Scal confirmed?

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Wondering the same thing. Technically the next hour is from 9 to 10pm east. This hour is obviously this hour. Not sure when it will be coming. Hopefully we get an eyeball warning or something.

Network down already? Lmao :joy:

hope its mj so if i dont get the code i can buy him do u think 42k will get it done

Nah maybe 80-90k