Helping your myteam lineups

lets see your squads

NMS. Trying not to use any AH cards above 5k (Dwight is from locking in Magic set for tokens/Luka plus Magic are my team), have 220k MT.

Have Marques Johnson from ascension.
Sometimes use Chris Boucher at backup PF, TJ starts SF, Tripucka for Dort. Rotate Rudy, Dwight and Mitchell Robinson.

Trying to get through All-Time Dom now, close games, just lost to Celtics.

Any help appreciated,

ok so i like your starting five don’t need to do anything with that but the bench you can upgrade that so sell boggie and get like a karl anthony towns and get like a rik smits just in case you go against a shaq or wilt and your obliviously on the pink diamond tier so if you can get a dale ellis and also try to upgrade louie and get james harden if you can and then you should be good

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I have 808,000mt. My PG and Center are definitely the weakest. Not a huge fan of Kyrie. I know Boucher is pretty out dated but he is money for me and I can consistently knock down the 3 if need be. I was thinking about picking up Josh Smith to run at Center. I don’t use my bench a whole lot.

I play Unlimited casually. Can generally make it to the diamond / pink diamond tier each season (at least I did consistently last year).

I am NMS so I value reward / budget cards a lot. Goal is to get to a million mt by the beginning of November and at that point I can chill for the most part.

ok so you are looking to upgrade your centers so you have 800 thousand mt so the point guards I would get are isiah thomas diamond and the other on you should get is derrick rose or allen iverson and then for your centers try and get dikembe and get josh smith and move ml carr to the back up 3 and move gus to the back up 4

Any tips for myteam?

try to get wilt if you can

If you are having trouble with Dom use magic playbook quick point 2. Easy wins. You already have Tripuka. That’s who i used to hit 3s with that play for the most part. Even if you don’t want to cheese the play constantly it’s nice to have a money play if the game is tight. I think your team is more than good enough to get the job done in domination.

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