Help with GHill dribble moves?

This card is crazy… but I’m not very good with his dribble package. Can anyone point me to a good GHill youtube vid or give some advice on this? Thanks!


So this was good to watch, but he doesn’t really show off or show how to work with his dribble moves. I wonder if what I’m asking about exists at all. lol.

Carlosstory video had some nice dribbling with Hill in there but pretty basic stuff. His dribbling package is not great but his BC is high enough and you can still do all the basic dribbling stuff like momentum cross and behind the back. Nothing that you can probably add to that though.

Check at 4 minute mark:

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Thanks man! ill watch this now.

he doesn’t have any sauce, you have to just hit one dribble move & speed boost, separate with left stick — quick & effective

behind the back is aight