Help with exploit? passing icon trick

How do you make opponents passing icons not work momentarily? a complete bum beat me due to this

or how to prevent it?

It happens to me too. I think it’s when both players are pressing R1 at the same time… I guess your opp just kept using his

I notice it on defense a lot

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I don’t know how that thing work , but I ve heard that it’s about some running angles with a screen

Me too, only recently though but it’s never happened to me before then

Always happens when I’m on defense, never offense. Seems like when you’re button mashing after your shot goes up, something gets lost in the coding of the game & you’re unable to icon select on defense.

Sucks because I’ve blown so many defensive coverages because of this.


Don’t think this is exploit, happens in MyCareer as well.

just call for an intentional foul straight away. There’s no way of stopping it and no way 2k would fix it. It’s been in the game the whole year.

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Oh so THAT IS WHY my icon passing didn’t work sometimes, now it makes sense… bro this game is so broken, lmaoo.

someone told me how

he said it’s just running a zone does it…???

i never run zone but that shit is op

nah bro…this happened every possession…I couldn’t use my icons at all

I know about people tweaking the settings to do auto-pass to open spots, but this R1 thing… I was thinking it’s a game bug, not a player exploit.

You have to run around until their players get stuck.

All the scrubs play like this.