Help where to start

Had 2k20 was going to give it a miss this year but it’s on game pass so thought I would give it a go

Really struggling with this years game cpu don’t miss and I can’t score so in a bit of a pickle is there any tips on what I should be doing till I get a good team tried the spotlight games get beat all the time so atm might be a waste of time any help would be great

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I’d say start with TT can win those games pretty easy with one good 3 pt shooter and 2 scrubs. I usually run 2 silver centers with my one good player. Makes your matchups easier while you mindlessly shoot 3s.

To build your team usually look a the lower tier players out of new sets. They are usually pretty good, dirt cheap and can hold it down for you pretty well.

If you get lucky playing TT offline and pull the vault player he’s one of the best PGs in the game which could make a huge difference for you.

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Thanks m8 will start the grind

Grind a couple of hours of tto or dom on lowest levels. Get some mt.

Get these:

Ruby Bonga
Ruby Kobe
Ruby Jarrett Jack
Ruby Bryon Russell
Ruby Fultz
Ruby Mamba


PD Dale Ellis

Thwn you can beat most offline teams


Thanks m8 make that team as soon as I have enough mt

Make sure to get the free agenda players like Ruby LeBron and evaluering him

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Got lebron to Amy atm

Right now a lot of players are super cheap. Felipe Lopez for 1000k etc. As they cannot be used in Limited this week.

Why not

Only 21 All Stars can compete

2021 all star

Also remember locker codes.
This page has the ones currently aktive

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Ruby Kevin Porter Jr

Amy Smush to run the show at point. When I started tried Bonga and all the other budget pg wasn’t feeling them but Smush was a beast for me wet ass shot.

KPJ for sure and Felipe Lopez

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Thanks for the tips lads

Forgot about KPJ. Beast.

Is Smush better than Felipe? Smash was verden expensive a week ago

As for bigs he’s a little pricier but Amy Dino is that dude he even outplays my PD Boogie quite a bit lol

Perfect thread for a start


I think so he plays like a diamond to me and I used Felipe a lot. I got him for 9k not sure how much he is now

Good list :muscle:

Thanks :pray: