Help updating lineup

Looking to update my bench primarily but open to all suggestions.


I’m on PS4. Players I was looking at are Dwyane Wade, new CP3, and Bam Adebayo. I have 550,000mt.
Obviously the new Kawhi and LeBron are top tier, but I’m not sure if its worth spending so much on them.

What do you guys think?

Lamar odom and yao have go to go imo at this point. Speed and lateral quickness on Yao makes him terrible on defense. Paul may be better than Lillard even though shot is easy to green from lillard. Bird is still a green machine but he is going to go down quite a bit soon with his lack of speed

I’m not huge on Yao I’d get Hakeem. Wade as starting PG and move Walt to bench. Get Bam over Odom. Get Bridges move Tmac to bench 2 and Bird to starting 3.


Thanks for the suggestions, is Wade good at SG or nah?

He’s better at PG.

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Thanks. I havent used Miles Bridges at all, is he really that good? He seemed kinda small at 6’6" for SF

Just buy and try him he cost peanuts with this market crash at worst you can sell him back for little to no loss. Personally i like mixing expensive cards with cheaper ones. He can shoot the shit out of basketball, dunk and defend well.

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Ill check him out, thanks

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Ill try something like this. Ill wait and see what Kawhi settles at tonight in case his price randomly drops