Help . Too many choices

Starting :Opal magic, opal Klay, opal Larry, opal Moses, opal sabonis.

Bench : opal Russ, Pd kd, opal pierce, opal dirk, Pd KAT, opal dr.j, opal Oscar , opal KAJ(just got)

Please help me decide who to start, who to sell, and how to allocate minutes.
Also have PD bron, PD AK47, PD Hakeem, lots of other options.

Thanks and sorry my picture size too large

There’s an opal Sabonis? Sign me up!

Starters: Magic, Dr.J, Larry, Moses, Sabonis
Bench: Oscar, KD, AK47, Dirk, KAJ


Oops I meant Pd.

And man no Klay?
I want to be on board for ak47 so bad but I don’t love the release



You get 3 duos activated in Dr.J+Moses/Magic+Larry and Oscar+Kareem. You pair your faster big like Moses with Slower big like Sabonis and Dirk with Kareem. all around great team.


I actually don’t like KATs release, but I honestly love pierce in this game, least favorite player in league history tho lol

Wonder if I should sell others or hold for these packs to end.

Sell em if you dont plan on using and need mt. Dont hold with the anticipation of turning a profit once packs end. The low prices are here to stay. Get mt to badge out / shoe up your team.

And as far as pierce goes, id forget him and roll with knezius’ team. But if not having him really bothers you, drop dirk, slide kd to bench 4 and put pierce at bench 3 (this would work better with opal kd). Or run 11 players and sub him in whenever, have a quick rotation with 3 sfs. Always ways to get another guy in the mix. I run 13 deep if i cant whittle down my favorite player pool to 10. Doesnt hurt to have backups too like another big pg to plug in when opponent has 2 large pgs like ben and giannis. Tell kaj hes without his duo partner this game and run a 12th man giannis of your own as backup pg for that game etc.

Yeah I’m def gonna run the team he suggested and prob keep another monster like Eaton, pierce and whoever I go for next. Like kawhi or hopefully Mchale

Almost don’t wanna sell these guys just because they going for pennies lol. Moses is my favorite card prob and he is like 12k

Right, but they always gonna be pennies.

I need KD and steph to be pennier

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