Help picking PD

Catching up but finally able to get a PD from the token rewards. Based on the team above who should I go for. Either thinking Duncan, Hill or Mutumbo as other positions are pretty much locked.

I do not know how that dynamic duo works between Magic and KAJ. But based on the original KAJ, Mt Mutombo is a huge upgrade at C.

Hill or Duncan, compared to the rest of your team, are not gonna help you see a difference if you plug them in for any of the guys you got.

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Mutumbo easy

Cheers. Iā€™m liking the Magic/KAJ duo sonkigjt move them to the bench and check in Mutumbo

Maybe TD for bench 4 and slide Ak to the 3 and dump scottie

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I use G Hill the most out of those 3 players, Mutombo and Duncan sit in the 11-13 spots

That was my other thought. AK can get out rebounded quite easily