Help me upgrade my team - 400k to spend

I’m around 100 more 3s to evo simmons and will build my team around him. The rest I’m up to changing up.

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That’s all I got.

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Go jordan

Idk who costs more but if you can trade Bird for Ak47 and get a decent return I’d do the then work on your center.

Gilbert and Jordan is my starting backcourt.

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Maybe get the other series 2 prime cards. Wade and Porz. You already have the heart of the set. Could be worth it. God knows lots of us are hoping it is.

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Was mine but I picked up go simmons

Sounds like @DaNali just had Gilbert create a murder scene. Gilbert is a beast. Your bench PF and starting C are the ones I’d look to upgrade.

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True put mine up for 94k today lol :frowning:

If I get wade and poz, how many more cards would I need until the reward? 1?

Yup just 1

when are we expecting a that card to drop?

Your guess is as good as mine. Everybody thinks they know something other people don’t on this site and nobody has gotten all their predictions right.

i’m leaning towards getting an opal kareem. I don’t see that card losing value that much

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