Help me to decide

This is my actual squad and consider that I have 1.1 mil MT

Dilemma nr. 1: Get Shaq or not
I’m not the kind of player that runs his offense through centers. I need them to be good defenders and help me out to start fastbreaks. Right now i’m Running PD Hakeem and Mutombo from the bench. Since both are unsalable cards, I feel like it would be not so clever to take one of them out for PD Shaq who will for sure go over 400k MT. But than again, Shaqs drop step and and speed will be so dominant that I could easily adopt the post game to mix my game a bit and not be so much guard dependent. Should I get him or not? And if not, will Hakeem and Dikembe be able to stop him?

Dilemma nr. 2: I need a SF with 3pt plays.
Of course Granger is out of discussion because of that price tag. I’m thinking to pick someone between diamond new PG13, KD or Bird.
Anyone who used them and can tell who’s most consistent behind the 3pt line?

PG13 and slap a shoe on him

I wouldn’t get Shaq, that’s half your MT and you already have 2 great centers. I think Mutombo could definitely match up. Hakeem I don’t know, but I would say so too