Help me start a Park player please

Im gonna start playing MyCareer/Park and I dont want to waste a bunch of time then realize I should have made another player.

I love TTO and am pretty good at creating my own shot. I dont call screens in TTO unless I am getting offballed. I am not typically looking for threes off the dribble, more balanced…I take it to the rim and will step back and pull up if the defender is giving me space. I never have to resort to a simple blowby animation…I can usually get a clean dunk or shot.

I love playing on ball defense and shutting my opponent down. Nothing is better than getting on ball steals. I think this is my favorite part. I want to be able to play defense, but still have access to all dribble moves that come with 86 or even 91 ball control dont really need to be pulling from limitless range all the time.

With that information can you help me out in building a player?

I created my player as a 6’6" point guard with a full wingspan. What archetypes should I use? Thanks if anyone wants to help me out.

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Don’t you already have ten players :tipping_hand_man:t2:

Not sure what you are talking about haha. I have zero players and have never played park.


Is this a Veronica joke? I dont really get it.

Do you like to dribble? If you do I’d use a playsharp or playmaking shot creator.

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It was

Ya I enjoy dribbling and creating my own shot…also like to play defense. From looking over the ratings for the defensive archetype it looked like it wasnt really an option to be able to steal the ball and also be able to dribble. So I would probably have to settle for being able to dribble and just play solid defense and not be great at on ball steals.

Thanks for the advice.

Honestly tho anytime I’m curious about anything there’s tons of videos that strictly park players post about builds and what not, the best time to also make one is when there’s a badge glitch to get your badges done and you can just enjoy grinding your overall

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Would you go with a point guard like I did? Is a 6’6" point guard gonna work or should I make a taller wing player? Should you max out wingspan?

Good call man thank you. I’ll listen to some YouTube videos at work today and try to make a plan before I start wasting my time building up a player.

6’6 play primary, sharp secondary@sg

You can speedboost, shoot, and dunk when open.

Or 6’3 shot primary, play secondary
This is second best pg build, not do hood on d.

Also if you think you can shoot well with low 70 3pt and no shooting badges, you can make pure point 6’9 few ticks down on wingspan, or two way playmaker

Check 2klabs they have hood recommendations, and can check stats before making character

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It would only let me build my point guard to 6’6”…thanks for the advice.

Definitely want to be able to dribble and hit threes, but I don’t need to be launching from limitless, so that could work.

If it’s not too late seriously consider making a slashing shot creator SF. You get a TON of different badges, can speed boost after getting your takeover meter about halfway full, you get contact dunks, and good shooting especially once you get your badges. It’s really a do it all build that fits with just about any lineup

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Shot creating primary

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I’m an avid park/pro am player and I have one every myself among a bunch of other builds and I couldn’t recommend it enough

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If going pure pm. Then make either at sg 6’8 or sf 6’9 and adjust winspan to get 86 on ps4 or 87 on xbox

I also have a 6’8” pure playmaker SG and it’s fantastic, better offensively if you’re the main ball handler and a touch more athletic, slightly worse shooter and finisher and a bit worse at defense though the badges overall kind of stink outside of your playmaking badges

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Ya I really want a do it all player offensively. Those are my favorite players in MyTeam right now in TTO…like Grant Hill, Dr. J, Paul George and AK47 even though he is just a glitch and is the best at everything.