Help me solve the 20 year mystery of why the Patriots have dominated the NFL

Help me solve the 20 year mystery of why the Patriots have dominated the NFL

Lets start with the AFC east:

Joke of a division, only one other team in that division has gotten a 1st round bye in 25 years (the Jets in 1998). No other division in football has had that massive of a drought where 3 of the teams couldn’t win at least 12 games more than once in a combined 75 seasons (25*3=75). Brady & Co. never have to worry about playing on the road in wild card weekend as a 5th or 6th seed.

On to the majority of the league: It seems like they play scared or already defeated before they step on the field against these guys! Steelers, Chargers, Colts, and so many of these AFC “power houses” over the years play with their tails tucked between their legs when they play these guys, you’d think they’d learn over 18 years of game film & experience with the Pats having the same QB & head coach. Then you have Wade Phillips putting on an absolute clinic defensively, while McVay puts up an even better sh** show with a laughable 3 pts in the superbowl.

Then you have the morons: Seahawks & Falcons, I’m looking at you. Stupid, moronic, boneheaded decisions by both teams that had superbowls in their hands, and throw it all away.

That leads me to my next three teams: the Giants, Eagles, & Ravens. These are the only 3 teams that I’ve seen that were not afraid of the moment & absolutely stuck the knife in the heart of the evil empire & weren’t shy about it. All these two teams did was play their own game while not getting choked up like all the other teams have.

Cheating scandals / allegations aside, I do not know how it’s remotely possible for a team to have the same formula for years now, & the rest of the league not be able to figure it out. It’s not like the Pats are an absolute cancer to the league like the Warriors were to the NBA, so why can’t teams end this dynasty already? Help me figure it out lol.


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How do I reach these keeds?

This pretty much sums it up


Pretty simple answer…
GOAT head coach + GOAT QB = dynasty

Same w Phil Jackson & MJ


You gotta put Brady & Belichick way ahead of Jordan & Phil for best sports dynasty of all time

Pats have been perennial superbowl contenders for longer than some 2KG members have been alive :joy:

I know you weren’t suggesting that but its just insane how long this has kept going. 5 years of dominance? Ok. 10 years? Holy shit. Almost 20? So many things have to go right. Just absurd and New England fans are spoiled rotten and are incredibly fortunate to have this run.


tom brady takes pay cuts to make his team cetter. qbs usually want that pay checc

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This is true. I’m reading that he’s basically given up anywhere from $60-100 million in salaries over his career to improve the team.

Brady makes less than other shitty QB’s but! Brady has been playing for almost 20 god damn years so he’s accumulated a ton of cash. He’s made $197 million as of the end of last season.

on top of this he has his own tb12 crand

Some people chase money, others chase immortality.

Brady has chosen glory over gain because he knows with the glory comes way more money long term than he ever could earn off the game checks.

Simple. Because of the cap in NFL, any dollar he makes is one less someone else can. The pats have a bunch of good to great players, and always 10 deep on the top tier talent. While donkeys like dak Prescott want 40 mil a season, they’ll only be able to afford 3-4 proven guys with what’s left over.

Brady took a pay cut so his team can always field a good product and with that, he’s considered the GOAT.

Have there been better QBs during his era? Hell yea. He’s not the best of his generation but damn it he still beat them all.

I don’t think Brady factors money into too many decisions, he makes plenty and his wife makes bank.

Only read the first paragraph and then looked at the OP’s username and understood why the rant lol. Are they responsible for who they face every week? They play whoever is in front of them and they beat them. Yeah the weak division helps with the record, byes etc but last I checked they don’t face the Jets or the Bills come playoffs time. They still beat the “better” or “stronger” team. Hate all you want man but they ARE “America’s Team” and this is coming from a Rams fan who just lost a SB to them.

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Watching Goff look like a high school QB who stumbled into that jersey during the super bowl musta been hard to swallow as a fan.

Total deer in headlights but at least y’all made it.

My dear Texans are ran by a man who thinks he’s bill belichick with only about 1/20th the mind for the game. And 200% the unwarranted ego.

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Man it was hard to watch. Rams got humbled big time. Hopefully they keep learning and growing as a team and finally win it again. You are right about the Texans too man it sucks I really like that team. Hopkins is a dog!

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Jordan Zero champion losses
Tom 3

Patriots have the greatest dynasty in the history of professional sports and it’s not really close. Something like this will never happen again in the NFL

Better then Celtics dynasty although it’s so long ago

I think so. With the salary cap, free agency, injuries, constant roster overturn and the fact that players are so much more athletic and talented should make what the patriots have done physically impossible. 9 Super Bowl appearances, 6 wins with the same QB and head coach will never be seen again

Don’t forget Sir Alex Ferguson’s run with Manchester United.

He managed 30+ trophies in 20 seasons after 26 year winless run and since he retired they haven’t got close to winning again.

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Haven’t they always had a huge bank roll and buy a lot of the top players? I don’t follow the sport but I know that’s been a popular pit stop for a lot of elite players

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