Help me shuffle my team around

My new years was yesterday, drank all night and came home and drunk me locked sets (lol) till I could get grant hill… havent used him yet how do you guys think I should shuffle things around?

I’m also planning on trying out gil cause thats my guy. Let me know what you think boys I’m running with this atm

Any MT left over or just these 9?

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About 800k

I’d unfortunately as a Celtics fan say replace pierce with someone on your bench and pick up Gilbert/Oscar/Steph and a Shaq/Kaj/Gasol. That is if you want two five man lineups.

Move Scottie to starting 2 instead of three for the switch too.

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I just run 9, thanks for the advice ! Think I will pick up gil but run him on the bench with pip. Start grant see how I like him

im in a similar state and i cant give any advice

BUT how do you arrange your bench to get the players you want to come on

can i fix my players for the beench preset or do i have to arrange them a specific way?

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