Help me save VC ☹️

I keep seeing builds similar to mine and i feel like I fucked up ,
6-4 min wingspan to get a decent 3 ball Max
Speed to be a demon ( thinking I should of picked the balanced pie chart ) already mad another 2 way slashing play that I fucked up on . Should I continue with this currently at 78

That’s the same one I have you just have minimum wingspan. Which I don’t think is a good idea since +3 open 3 won’t do anything.

Also make him 6’5 bro

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You have same speed as well? & was thinking it would be decent to have an 80 mid range , and 73 ball at 99 ,

83.5 wingspan

I also have like +20 strength on you

Ion think there’s a noticeable diff between 80 open mid and 75 open mid

If you’re playing with your bar off it won’t matter
Neither do I with 73 open 3 vs 70 open 3


Shoot like a sharp cuz everyone goes under
Dunk like a slasher
Speed boost
89 onball defense
90 rebounding

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Exactly lol

How you liking him so far bro ?

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Hes Awesome my boys and I running:
Play lock, play lock, reb wing

Dubs are coming too easy now guards cant handle the size, bigs cant switch on me cause im too fast and i’m not scared to shoot.

Did you try putting badges in post spin/ back down? Was funny af for a while lol

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That’s lit

And nah I haven’t bro

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This playlock you show ain’t bad, just go max wingspan. Any player without max wingspan, except maybe a pure sharp, is a huge L imo

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It would be nice run some series or against each other on park … I can try no play on another server with no problem :grin:


You don’t need max wingspan to play D but you won’t get as many steals or blocks either. 2 ticks under has always been the cutoff for me. Also a 65-66 trey ball is good enough, +4 at 99, +5 at 99.9

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I went 2 ticks up I think

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Gonna listen to the boys and get 50 VC and redo him guys :disappointed: I suck at this or should I stick it out

What would you do last build of the year so I’m at a crossroad

Before spending any money/time on a build ask here… You got plenty of knowledge

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Yeah makes sense bro , thanks

What was your weight ?


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Also do you notice your strength ? I’m what ways not sure what it does other then ensure you can backdown a weaker guy

Honestly unless you’re gonna play bully ball sometimes then it’s no use

But for sure when I put on back down punisher on bronze these lil ass point guards don’t stand a chane


Will my physical look like yours after @OGxSuave