Help me out guys

About to get my first Pink Diamond in like one Domination game’s length and wanna know which one to rock with. This is the lineup:

(replace Marquis with Rashard Lewis)

Leaning towards Grant Hill and using him to replace Embiid while moving Rashard to my bench 4 and Finley as my bench 3.

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Timmy all day all night. But i dont even have him. He is just who id pick

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The problem with him is that he’d play the 4 for me and I run a ton of 4 out 1 in sets and plays to free my 4 up for threes

Well u would wanna be posting up with duncan. So that wouldn’t be a good fit if ur trying to shoot jump shots with him.

If you post up with Timmy i promise your 4 players will be open once he starts to double

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As a Jazz fan how could you pass up on Stockton? Dude I know how you play and you would fucking love him! I used him to help someone get Issel, and he did everything I could have dreamed of. I wish I had him myself. Stockton was a demon out there. Jumper is smooth and easy to green from anywhere, he’s clamps on D, a pick pocket menace, HOF dimer to knock down shooters, and he’s super quick! Just look at this badging!


I wouldn’t use moses at the 5 he’s kinda small I use him at the 4 and he plays really good

Gaaah!! You all make such good points. Why did you have to bring up Stockton @Ryan! You know I only love Pistol Pete more than him. I’m going to have to sleep on it I think. I’m not going to lock many more sets in or anything so I cant see myself getting more than 1 or 2 more PD rewards this year so this is actually kind of a big deal for me.

As an aside to anyone struggling with All-Time Domination: the CPU is entirely helpless defending the elevator action on Punch Loop 25 (Low Post play in Bucks, Cavs, Celts, Hornets, Lakers, Mavs, Nets, Pacers, Pels and Warrior playbooks) as long as you drive behind the looper and you get an open 3 literally every possession.

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OP…take my advice. Sell Embiid right now & get Mutombo. Tim Duncan isn’t anywhere close to as dominant as Mutombo…not even close. I took Duncan first & once I got Dikembe, I knew I shouldve taken him first. Surprisingly he’s shooting 90% from the free throw line, which was my only concern.

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Oh man Mutombo is another one of my faves. I will never forget him screaming “WHO WANTS TO COME WITH ME TO L.A. WITH ME!!!” after the Sixers won the East in 01.

I’ve been looking hard at him too since I loved his Amy card.


Looking at your team id get Pierce or Duncan, if you dont shoot many 3’s with Embiid then maybe Mutombo. Pierce can do everything from dunking to OP shooting and posting up with great defense. Duncan is post god, can make open 3’s play either 4 or 5 and defend all positions, Mutombo is just vacuum cleaner, he gets so many boards and locks everything down, he also got amazing speed and his like Wilt lite on that aspect you will find him outrunning other bigs and standing alone at opponents rim just waiting to score, i found Stocktons height quite an issue, Hill is pretty amazing, but mostly to run at point for pick and roll game, hope that helps.

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I went with Mutombo. I just loved his Amy so much and it allows Moses to come off the bench. I like Duncan but I don’t really take a ton of jumpers with my Centers, I mostly use them as rim running rebounding rim protectors. I hope I did the right thing…

God choice that Moses is not that great I’ve tea bagged him plenty of times lol

Stockton/Mutombo/TD all good choices.

Stockton is an instant steal if your opponent doesn’t protect the ball. Not even an exaggeration.

Mutombo is a fast break eraser with his speed and defense. Also can be a post scoring monster if you play a soft 5.

And TD is the best low post scorer in the game. If you excel in the post game, he has no match right now. Don’t sleep on TD at center. He’s way better than Moses or O’neal.

I’m actually good with Moses man. You just gotta know how to use him, and trust your stick skills inside. I took Mutombo knowing how well I play with Moses and adding 4 inches to him. Moses is still my bench 5.


If I get another PD choice I’m sure it’ll be Timmy. I’ve loved him since his Wake Forrest days. Most of my choices are emotional as I can’t use players I can’t stand irl.

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Don’t know much about the PD but just curious. Saw that you have Moses but you don’t run Brandon Roy. Was it worth locking in a 200k+ card for Moses if you don’t use Roy? I always wanted to try to get Roy for a good price but if he’s that bad that you don’t even use him, might reconsider

No. I regret locking in that set every damn day. I’m not sure how sober I was when I did it.


Good pick man

I wasn’t that much hyped about picking him. After some games I quickly changed my mind.

He owns the paint. Nobody comes inside anymore. And if they do, it’s a block or a miss. And his speed is incredibly useful when you go in transition defense or to jump on shooters.

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Fair enough. Mutobmo is a game changer for sure. TD was my first choice, but I love post offense. I think it’s a tie between those 3, as to who makes the biggest in game difference.

Stockton is a menance. I could see him being a better long term choice than either TD/Mutombo with his HOF badge mix. HOF Dimer/Pick pocket/pick dodger/def stopper is so crazy. I beg for someone to try and dribble in front of stockton. He has crazy 6+ steal games on the reg.

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Mutombo is a good pick

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