Help me make a decision

Completed the HOF set for 230k for the three PD’s and Richie Guerin. That mofo was a 100k .

Anyway is it a good idea to lock for Malone. I am leaning towards locking coz I completed it for quite cheap and it’s the end … But does anyone have a counter argument to this ?

Opinions please ?

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I mean you could just get moses for 100-120K
But you gotta get the players you want
And if It’s Karl Then Gotta go with it :innocent:


I compared both the Malone’s , the reward looked like it had the edge over Moses

I tried them both I think moses is better imo

Okay lemme try him out on the all time team and decide

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get dave cowens cuh


Cowens is as good as Malone for buy now.

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Beat me to it.

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Alright let me buy cowens and try him out. Thanks @dmvr and @IIIBISCUITSIII

And his stats are pretty even with go melo.

Whose ?

Karl Malone.


Where are you playing Cowens at and how do you use him? I tried him for a few games but just couldn’t get him to play well consistently so I sold him

I put him at the 3. He dominates the post & I’m dialed in w base 11 players, so transition fast breaks I find Dirty Dave every chance I get to shoot the 3.

i ran him at the 2 sometimes but mostly the 4. iso and post

For me karl was a mix of cowens and Moses

How big is Karl compared to Moses and Cowens in game? Listed height only seems to be an estimate

richie was 100K???

feels bigger than cow smaller than mo but hes such an amazing shooter, glitchy dribble package, gross dunks, amazing post scorer and can guard 1-5

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Yes!! I was lucky to win him for 100k but his going value is 150k plus