Help me find a budget center

Okay, after selling GO Melo for 250k I got GO Curry and Klay.
Lineup looks like this:

I have around 10k MT (I know - a lot :smiley: ), and I want to improve on Center position.

I’m looking for a guy who would be better than Sabonis for around 50-70k (I can sell some players)

What are your recommendations?

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60 tokens = Tyson Chandler :grin:

Or Gobert @Knezius good call

I got a god squad and I wanna get Tyson

I want him to shoot just a little

got him already

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Doesn’t fit? Ayton, PJ Brown, KP. Cousins if you like to use ur Center like a guard

How much is GO Mutombo

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That GO no no no def consideration

I think that Shaq can be as good as Tyson on D, and he is bigger threat on O

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Opal Mutumbo is probably the best
Opal Hakeem
PD Jermaine O’Neal


I was thinking:

PD Cousins - but I’m afraid of him being 6’11"
PD KAT - is he better than Sabonis?

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Sabonis is better than both :innocent:


isn’t he too expensive for my budget? :smiley:

I’m thinking he will be close to 70K this weekend

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Only use Cousins if you’re gonna feature and get him involved.

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Amy PJ Brown
d Tyson Chandler or d Robinson
Pd Cousins

in order.

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Ddrip Ddrop I knew u was coming w that Tyson

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I can kill any center including Shaq with him :smiley:

Damn I wanna grab Tyson :crazy_face:

He could be a MTU nightmare if he had 75 open3.