Help me figure my lineup out

This is the “current” lineup that I have going right now.

As you can see I am missing a couple spots and am struggling to decide what direction to go in.

As some of you know I gave away about half of my mt a while back but I figured I would keep up this little sorta budget squad just for occasional games.

Some important information:
I have 108k mt
Gugliotta and RJ have diamond shoes.
I have most ruby rewards but thats it


  • I am really actually enjoying Jameer nelson so I would like to keep him around, I would listen to advice though
  • Hedo is fantastic
  • Draymond does everything.

Possible options I am looking at:
-Jimmy butler and redd at 3 and 2
-harden and a forward

These are just some ideas that quickly popped in my head. Any advice or suggestions are appreciated greatly, so any help you give would be great. Thanks!

I haven’t gotten the chance to try out RJ, but I assume that Darius Miles does the same effect to a degree, and for a whole lot cheaper.
I also heard somewhere that Gerald Wallace has fallen a lot in price so maybe look to pick him up.
I personally do not like Majerle so if you can, and are willing to drop the mt for someone like iggy I’d go ahead and do that. Also might want to move rider to the 2 and grab that new penny.

Who would you put wallace in for, and RJ is a significantly better shooter than darius imo but Darius is a better pf for sure.

I’d run iggy and Wallace at the 2,3 on ur first rotation
For the bench I’d get Penny for the pg slot, move rider to the 2 and Darius Miles for the 3. I personally like him at the 3 but if you want to keep RJ that makes sense too he looks rlly sick

Have u tried Amy baron? Ive been using diamond baron for like 2 months and he’s sick. His release is amazing .

He definitely is cheap enough to take a look at. He seems to not be that strong in any single category though, how do you use him?

As a true point guard who can get buckets. He’s a very good 3 shooter with that release. He’s really athletic, and a good playmaker/defender. He’s also just a fun card.

Not sure how strong your defense is in teh starting line up, maybe moments jimmy?

Replace Rider with Penny