Help ME craft a team


This is my team.

Pick it apart, reinvent it, make me stronger.

Amy Pierce and diamond Oladipo. U can also get ruby Simmons for Kat duo. As bench Pf get amy Giannis. Bench that Kobe. Oladipo / Pg13 / Lebron / Ad / Cousins.

Oladipo is a must, maybe get Amy or ruby porzingis too,

No SF should run PG thats not playoff Lebron or amy Ben. Get a PG

Amy Jordan over Kobe

Anyone with a high enough ball-control and pass accuracy is fine. The position that player plays in real life, is irrelevant to their effectiveness at any given position in the MyTEAM FANTASY video-game mode.

ik its fantasy, but it can still hurt you even in game. a traditional point guard is best

Sure It can, but that’s on the specific plaer at that pointS Usually though, the massive height advantage outweighs the benefits of having marginally higher ball-control, speed, and pass accuracy that wood normally come with opting to run a traditional OG, vice a proverbial “Demi-God”.

Ive never been exposed by a out of position PG. Height wont matter if your defense is good. Or you can just have your SF guard the PG

You think Amy Ingram and Amy KD would run well together?

Not that big of a difference on the offensive end, but it’s a huge difference on the defensive end. Driving on an oversized SF with a traditional PG is MUCH harder than just driving on a traditional PG. The harder it is to drive, the harder it is to make plays. This is a cold hard fact.

Yes. KD at the 2, Ingram at the 3.

i just use screens and someone with 95+ swb. But yes it is harder to drive, but i dont need to drive all the time anyway