Help me build a line up please

I have 900K MT. Looking to build a tall and beastly squad that can compete with the best. Help me build a line up. Please and thank you.

do you already have any cards locked in?

Nope. I’ve only played 2 games this year.

If you can get Giannis under 450k and Tacko for around 170-180k, then you can fasho cop the bench, if not the starters is Sweaty

Shortest player 6’5

definitely do the challenges for cam reddish and Kevin Porter Jr, at pg go with PD Thunder Westbrook and PD wade, for sg use reddish and Kevin porter Jr, at SF PD KD and PD Gay at pf Bam and Larry bird, at C use marvin bagley and Zydrunas Ilgauskas that’ll cost you like 450k

from there pick which cards you dislike the most and upgrade 2 to an opal for a pg look at giannis or ben Simmons for sg look at luka or Jordan for SF look at Kirilenko for PF/C look at bol bol tako fall or kristaps

How long does that take?

5 games for cam, 5 games for kevin porter, only 2 games total are 5 minute quarters