Help for algebra math homework?

if anyone could help me with the answer or at least help on how to find the answer that would be great. thanks!

Chegg it :sweat_smile:

Khan academy- Algebra 1 systems of equations story problems. You should find something similar.


25 seniors, 58 child, 117 adults


Show your work.


how did u get that? what equation did u use

Don’t ask me for an equation. I plug numbers in my head until they fit based on the description given lol as soon as I do one that’s incorrect I have an idea of what the correct factors will be. It’s like a puzzle


The equation is here just change the numbers to match your problem

Ms Dypolt can get ALL of it


This. I never understood how teachers teach equations for stuff like this. Maybe with super huge numbers it’s more beneficial, but I’ve always found it easier just to keep plugging in random numbers, and it ends up turning into a hot & cold game. Find one number that’s close & you go from there.


You never understood math very well Bc you’re a cowboy fan.

The first thing you do is construct the set of equations with the info you’re given

Then you can solve using substitution

this is how I figure out math too so I can’t show my work. I just keep guessing closer until I get it

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What’s that supposed to mean?

What’s funny is that my teachers were always impressed how quickly I would be done with exams compared to my classmates by doing my own methods. That’s what I love about math. There’s many different ways to solve an equation but only 1 correct answer


If I was home I’d write it all out but I’m at work lol.

If no one has helped when I’m home I’ll do it

Every state assessment I ever took for math I got the highest possible distinction, in Texas we take the STAAR test & I got commended every year.

I blew the math portion of the ACT out of the water too.

Now as a teacher, I scored considerably higher on the math portion of the state test for teachers as compared to any other subject.

Math is a specialty of mine, just a very unconventional way of learning it & processing it i guess.

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You know that:

8x + 12y + 6z = 1952
x + y + z = 200
2x + 8 = z

Where x = senior, y = adult, z = child

Three equations, three unknowns can be easily solved


I’ll write you a math equation:

You are a member of the Dallas Cowboys, and Jerry Jones asks you to predict the number of games you’ll win this season. Based on the last 20 years, do you predict:

A. 12-4
B. 10-6
C. 8-8
D. 6-10

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E. Doesn’t matter bc no playoff wins

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