Help finishing lineup

Ok so I have 77k left and idk who to grab for pg. I was thinking 98 Simmons but then i would have to sell my amy and figure out a really cheap bench pg. Any suggestions on a player I should get?

My Team So Far

Tip: one of these cards should be one that you really like. And spend the most on him. Then fill out the rest. Try to get beastly cards that are cheap. I would say Josh Smith at PF. He’s cheap and if you can’t find one with badges, badge him out with the ones he needs. Should cost you maybe 5-6k for a card and another 7-8 maybe for badges. Depends on if you get them for cheap. Or get diamond Draymond. People here have suggested him a lot. Diamond Magic and PD Harden are cheap right now. Magic is under 20k and Harden maybe 50ish. Anyways, figure it out because I don’t know who you would like to spend the most on. Btw, lineup is looking solid so far.

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Went with PD Harden, PD Ray, and 98 Ewing.