Help @element choose first Token Opal

Working with these players currently:

Will get 750 tokens by Friday. Tempted to go with AI because he just looks like the most fun player, everything you could want in a point guard, minus height, which isn’t quite as much of a defensive liability after the patch. He would bump Isiah out. Pettit seems like a glitchy card that could bump out Webber out of a PF spot. Wilt seems like an end-game C that does everything, even hit the wide open 3PT. However I like to stretch out the defense with more reliable 3PT shooting from my 5 even at the expense of an athletic freak like Wilt. Although if I went with Pettit or Iverson, I could snag up Ewing pretty quickly and still get the end-game C that could match up fairly well against other Wilt’s.


Your second sentence is “the answer”

Stop worrying about height etc

Pick who you will think will be the most fun!




Petit and it’s not even close…


Three replies, three different answers :joy:


@Petravork where you at. Need the VORK to chime in


I’d go elgin

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Wilt + Giannis would be a joke. Instant wins.

Worthy would be the best fit for that squad.

I wouldn’t go for Ewing, DRob and Oden are on the same level.

Walt is also good.

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Wasn’t considering Worthy. I usually run a starting 5 and a bench 5. How would I squeeze him into this lineup? Who would get bumped out?

Antawn obviously, Worthy is way better.

Pretty similar squad to mine.
If you have MT left after sell-back from Giannis, I’d go for Oscar+Melo.


I’m telling you pick who you think will be most fun!

Most of the time I have fun playing, and I can hold my own against teams much more OP than mine, no cheese tactics, no half court 3s


You got giannis already go pick your boy ai

Dont need another scorer so no worhy
Giannis > pettit unless you wanna play him at the 3
Wilt cna replace Sabonis if you want


I’ve battled full court press squads, big squads, limitless squads etc

I’m sure everyone here knows I run a semi traditional line up (1 up 1 down)

Getting a win with a small pg is more gratifying than taking 3000 limitless 3s or a center at point, because I did it with players I like! :grinning:


You should just go for AI.

No reason to worry about sweating for Ws anymore. Wes Unseld and 25 tokens ain’t worth it. Just go for who you think will be more fun. I went with Walt for my first GO and have way more fun using him than I would wilt or Pettit because he’s unique. And it’s fun to beat sweats with smaller players.


True, I do primarily want to have fun with my squad. Although the GO choice might be my first and last I think I should enough alternative players if I end up in a tournament or want to grind for the next POTM (June??), even if I have trouble running AI in serious competitive games…

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AI should be the most fun and will be challenging to use. Once you learn how to use him properly, i bet he will be unstoppable



You think you got them with the crossover, then you shoot a moving mid and it registers as heavily contested just because he’s a midget.

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Its part of the challenge and Its not fun if its too easy


Wilt. It’s defense and easy buckets. The meaning of these terms I mean.

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Depends on what you value the most. If it’s fun, pick whoever makes you happy. I picked Walt and have 300+ games on him.

If you value having the best possible squad, Worthy is the best reward. His dribble package, release, and post offense makes him a god card. His only real flaw is his 62 steal, but it’s passable.

I’d rank them in tiers.

  • Tier S: Worthy

  • Tier 1: Wilt, Walt, Pettit

  • Tier 2: AI, Baylor

There’s an argument for having Pettit on tier 2, since I really dislike his player model, his defense isn’t as good cause of it, and his dribble package and post animations are not good. AI is too small even post patch (I’d legit post him with Walt every possession), and Baylor doesn’t solve any problem. He’s not the best at anything, which kinda sucks, and he’s 6’5.

Considering half your team is already base 11 players, and the fact that you run 2 stretch 5s, I’d go Worthy. If you’d rather replace Isiah, I’d go AI, since you like him a lot.



PLEASE pick either worthy or Pettit. It’s about the cheese baby

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