Help, backed my way into a relationship I can't get out of

So there’s this one girl I always play fortnite with and whatever, and she’s really nice and cool right, so we always flirt or crack jokes at each other as jokes. Never took it seriously. So shes kinda emo and doesn’t have many IRL friends, so she always acts like she’s about to die. So she asked me if I wanted to be her bf. I said yes just because (stupid) and now she’s saying stuff like, I love you, you’re the greatest thing that ever happened to me, etc. And one time I told her I was breaking up with her and she legit gasped and started crying, and I hate hearing girls cry so I played it off and now I’m stuck with a suicidal girl who is madly in love with me and I don’t know what to do. Help. Asap

:joy::joy::joy: im sorry for laughing


You just gotta cut off communication

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Yeh it’s a funny story ig

How old are you?

Yo didn’t you make some fucking song or some shit?


I take it the song didn’t go over too well with the other one


Just lyrics. I’ma songwriter

Da fuck there was a song ? How did i miss.this

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Tell her you have a serious illness and need time to yourself. Block her #

Never showed it to her

Tell her you have erectile dysfunction


I forgot — I Bruno Mars’d your ass.

LOL! in

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Go with ED bro


Tell her you only listen to happy music

She already knows I’m a juice wrld fan

It’s she ok looking?

Tell her that she either needs some serious help, or that she should be fucking ashamed for threatening to commit suicide as there are people who are legitimately dealing with depression and who have serious suicidal thoughts.