Hedo Turkoglu Appreciation Thread

The man is a three-splashing machine! His release is so silky smooth and quick, and his handles are crazy! He had guard animations but he is 6’10! He’s averaging 18 PPG for me running him at my starting PF just for kicks.

Well worth the 8k to get him! Highly recommend!

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The amethyst anniversary throwbacks always the best cards on anniversary drops

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He’s op. I have 40k invested with badges and kyries.

When u tryna play again?

I’ll be on tomorrow!

Sounds good u gunna run plays then?lol

Yeah man I gotta use a different coach. I’m still not sure if it’s same coach or same playbook that causes it

Causes what?

Playbook glitch. Since we use the same coach it glitches my playbook so I can’t use my plays.

Hmmm never experienced it that’s strange


It’s the same coach. You swap the playbooks. So you see plays from the opponent’s playbook.


That’s odd I don’t really call plays I just put offense play calling. On auto and run auto plays or just go manual

Yeah I use plays alot. I’ve been working on freelance but I need more work. Everyone has Dantoni so it’s staring to get more common haha.

I spent 20$ this year trying to get magic no other money spent and got d’antoni haebtn looked back since

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