Hedo Shot Creator Takeover

I’m trying my best to recreate my favorite my team experience, which was peak Hedo in 2k19. Is there any shoe/coach combo that could get Hedo’s DM card shot creator takeover? It’s been a minute since I posted on here, but thank you to y’all in advance :100:


make sure your coach doesn’t give him a 3pt boost because if it does he will have sharp takeover regardless. im not fully sure if it’s possible but my recommendation is to give him a shoe that boosts mid range but not 3pt. his mid range would be higher than his 3pt if you did that so i assume he would have shot creating takeover but if he doesn’t there isn’t any other way you could do it.

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Thank you for letting me know :100:

You need a shoe that decreases 3pt stat. If 2k creates shoes like that, you heard it here first.