Hedo is a problem

I’m tired of this man, anytime I’m playing tto and I see him, I brace myself to sweat because I know whoever I’m playing is about to shoot 10 contested threes with him, and I refuse to run him because I feel an Amy player should not be near what he can do, in actual games I don’t care about him being out there as much because the CPU isn’t completely brain dead with the right settings but in tto I’m ready to break stuff when I see him

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I always have my magic or AK on hedo so he never really does much

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My boy sold his for 80K so maybe you should take the MT now and sell him.

Hedo “Tmac” Turkgolu

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I use hedo a lot … a lot of shots that s go In aren’t contested , who defend him feels that they are contested but not …
His dribbles create a lot of separation , and shot it’s always open , it’s ridiculous when he jump over a smaller guy …

How I wish I bought 20 Hedos back when he was going for 6K.


I once bought a hedo with diamond contract and limitless for 12k haha. Slapped a grey Jordan and resold a few weeks later for 50k but he’s worth way more than that now.

Did he jump in price again

I sold him for like 25k like 3 weeks ago

He a problem if he is the big guy…with another base 11 shooter…and your best perimeter defender is guarding the smaller shooter

On Xbox yesterday cheapest one was 50k

Yea bro. 49k was the cheapest the other day

I some how got lucky and sniped one for 5k Saturday, he is a pretty ridiculous card for sure

Hes a problem when hes getting backed down all the way to the rim