Heat Lebron shoe decision

Should I buy him with the Kobe yellow and gray which boost bc,swb,speed,mov3,movmid


Kobe mod a.d
Boost open3,mov mid,Swb,drivlayup

I’m leaning towards the second one since it gets the 3 to 99

I bought the first one and he’s a beast if you play him at PG, I would go for the second if you’re running him at his regular position since he can spot up more for the open 3.

Either way, he’s a sniper from 3 once you learn his shot, I shoot from limitless on the regular

Hell be at the one. You think 95 is enough for open 3?

First one for me no doubt. I’d rather have 95 3 and 95 ball control over 99 3 and 86 ball control. ESPECIALLY at the 1.

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For me he never disappoints when he’s open, I just went 5-6 my last game. The moving 3 at 99 is also fun to use lol.

Mainly tho I think the ball control is good for the point so you don’t turn it over as much, I noticed that ball control below 90 can cause more turnovers

Iight bet preciate that I’ll be on the look out for the first oen

That first shoe on anyone is amazing lol got it on AD and he runs down the court like he’s a a bigger lebron down the court lol. I think speed is way more noticeable then shot. Especially if your getting equalised.

First shoe, the ball control is really important for him if you run with him in pg. i got the same shoe for him and he’s such a beast!