Heat Checks should be moments

I love the idea of the heat checks but i feel they dropped the ball as 2k does with most content they push out. I think the HC cards should be updated and have their ratings locked in then reviewed over time. So for example Paul George HC card should rise today but it would make sense to keep it that way until he either starts to suck or continues to put up big numbers. Basically like the dynamic cards from last year I believe but more effort.

The only thing HC cards are good for is stacking cards for tokens or reward players.


It made sense earlier on in the year, but they continue to back themselves in a corner with moments. Now every time someone has a big night we expect an upgrade, but cant get one for dame or Beal. And they release 2 KAT within weeks. Just stupid

I bought AD heat check at the start of the season. Is always on fire… totally worth it imo


i think they make sense for a handful of players, like steph, Giannis, AD, but when they have moment cards that are badges up and wont decrease in overall i think its silly. Like if you cant afford diamond AD i get you, but if you can whats the point of the HC?

Heat check been great for me man. I got 94 heat check ad with diamond contract badges and shoe for 30k. I dont see the diamond david as much better especially for the price difference.

Before I got diamond klay. Heat check klay was better than everyone aside from Granger (drazen wasnt out)

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Best Heatcheck card imo! Better than the diamond!

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Heatcheck should be their roster rating and updated everytime the official roster is updated, and it shouldn’t only be for upgrades as well. Downgrades should be there too.


well kat is ronnie’s boy toy so

Lol thats what im sayin dude. Everyone says theyre trash well i got a badged out di shoe giannis for 15k thats a 94 ovr for me w coach. And a 93 overall badged out klay for like 10k or something but im never gonna b able to afford klays diamond or the pd giannis. So for me to get these juiced up cards for so cheap? Shit count me in lol. N they r ALWAYS on fire lol. Klay was on fire for like 3 weeks

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HC cards wont make 2k as much money as it would to just put out moment cards and so the effort is lower. I could be wrong but It really seems as simple as that.

No I think AD heat check makes a lot of sense but i just think when the game releases higher diamond rated cards these very few cards will be worthless. I like the idea they should mirror the roster ratings they changed during the season what someone said above.