Heat Check: Who's Lit Thread

Maybe we should try to update who’s lit.

HC KAT shines like a PD… His stats are INSANE right now.


No bullshit I was just looking at them

Dame lillard is another one that’s insane, 98 mid range, 92 3ball, 93 dunk, 99 ball handle, 99 both passing stats

Kyrie still Blue flame, 97 mid, 90 3ball, 99 ball handle

SGA is hot hot hot

Luka 87 mid, 92 3ball, 94 ball handle

Mo bamba 80 3 ball, 98 standing dunk, 98 block, 93 defensive rebound

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Buddy helid 94 mid, 99 3ball, 98 free throw, 92 ball handle

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Vooch, Fournier, Isaac, Bamba, Ross, Fultz all lit for the Magic. Mostly defensive stats.


Donovan Mitchell 99 driving layup, 92 close shot, 98 mid range, 88 3ball, 98 driving dunk, 94 ball handle

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Trae young 88 mid range, 91 3ball, 99 Ball handle

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These boosts are actually pretty good, these cards can compete.


Giannis is crazy and its not even max heat.


How could they forget about Kawhi after he took over L.A

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Can’t believe it but these heat checks are a Huge L


Hes a goddamn glitch. And I don’t know why, every year, we try to forget this fact.

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I hope 2K keeps this up. I was able to flip Gallo for 9k thanks to his hot start. I’ll keep buying these 79-84 rated guys low and selling when they heat up. Good way to make bank.

Buddy Hield release is easy $

I just bought a HC Embiid. I hope he is going to play well tonight

Hes ruled out unfortunately.