Heat check packs available in triple threat

Just in case you didn’t know because I haven’t seen anyone post about it. In the online mode. Landed one and pulled Kemba

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do heat check cards have the same ratings and badging as the regular cards?

Yes but they are like the dynamic ratings cards from 2k16. When that player is balling out in real life the card stats and overall rating will shoot way up

Yeah they added them yesterday i think they the same card unless they kill it in the season they only get a boost for 48 hrs basically pointless cards

so if I’m thinking about snagging a kyrie or curry I should just get the heat check version then

Also the rewards for online triple threat are really good. Pulled 3 diamond shoes and 2 diamond contracts already

Those packs are only out for the grizzlies and that other team for now

I’ve pulled 3 shoes all the same stupid addidas shoes pisses me off haha

Or when you win online i swear everytime i only have 1 ball i see like 3 diamond packs up and then when i get to the 5 i get shit packs…

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Mines the opposite. Diamond packs done even pop up until I’m at like 4 balls

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Yeah i truthfully think it’s just straight random cuz i was at the 5 got shit on then it reset my board i was at 1 and boom good packs lol … They just treatin me its all good lol

I’ve learned just expect the worst rewards so when u do get somethin good you’re like leggggooooo

Myteam should be illegal for under 18, its a fucking gambling circus