Heat check lebron currently a 97

Not sure if it’s been posted but lebron is currently pink diamond on his heat check

Good opportunity for some flip game

atleast heat checks are worth it this year because of how big some of the boosts are


Do his badges get boosted? That’s all that matters

No badge boost and the cards still as slow as their base versions. I’ve used damn near every heat check card and the only ones that feel like an improvement over the base cards are the ones that start with decent speed ratings or quick draw or have a fast release to start with. This quick draw badge for real man, who knew it would be that bad without it.


they will eventually stop updating them like they did last year

Sniped a HC Kawhi yesterday or 2 days ago, he was 97 too , bought 2k sold 40k , x20 , not bad


I was keeping track of this up until yesterday. I think they’ve skipped updating heat checks 4 out of last 11 days!