Heat Check Klay/KAT

Ok especially Klay — how is he not on fire?

KAT 25/16/6 in a road W @LAL — should be on fire.

Curry, KD, Butler, Rose on fire, so the game has updated heat status.


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I dont think ive ever seen Giannis on fire.

LeBron has never been on fire and he basically drops a near triple double every game. He dropped 30+ point triple double and didnt get a single stat upgrade last week. Its been the biggest scam of all time.

Exactly the reason I laughed at the people who invested MT into stacking Heat Check players because they thought 2K was going actively keep up with themselves

I honestly thought they were dynamic cards and found out after i bought heat check lebron. Then his priced tanked so i just kept him

Lebron’s on fire rn.

But it’s a crappy fire boosting only a few stats.

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KAT should def be on fire