Heat check cp3

Is this set worth it I already have baylor plus 350k

Its a matter of opinion. I locked it in. I run kareem so it makes sense. Actually running baylor right now too. Hes pretty solid. I love using small traditional pgs. So it made sense for me. He is a great card. But he is undersized 100% i would make sure you have a big option at pg just in case as well. I run magic and cp3. With lonzo coming in as a specialist 11th guy

I have baylor with curry highs, and need a new centre running Dwight currently but need a shooter I think, line up is Stockton 98 kobe kawhi Malone Dwight have lonzo as my back up pg. I’m not set on Stockton turns it over too much for me

you can find a diamond boogie with white diamond kobe for like around 60k. best cheap option for a stretch big . he has 98 3 ball. he’s been my starting big since he came out

If you’re a huge CP3 fan, sure. Otherwise, just pick-up a Diamond Jerry West for 60-70K. If you don’t like him, you can always sell him back. You can’t do that with CP3 though.

I have 95 cousins as my back up

He’s a great card, his shot is easy, and he has great defense, but he is pretty small, other than that, he’s s great finisher in the paint if you know how to actually drive, great passes, but for whatever reason he’s not that good at flashy passes

I’m gonna wait and see what else gets released or might try diamond magic

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I love the set, CP3 is a beast.

How does dimer feel with him?

Let me see… in 12 of our All-Time PS4 league games (24 mins each) he is averaging 18.5 ppg and 12.6 apg in 18 minutes. He was averaging 14 until this last game where I was held to a low number in the single digits.

I routinely drop 20 & 15+

That’s pretty good, for some reason dimer on my Stockton doesn’t seem that effective

Surprisingly I am better with him on the All-Time Pelicans than the All-Time Rockets; where he is surround by a god squad. Then again, I use him more efficiently when I know he is the absolute best player on the court at all times.

I want to use him as my playmaker not worried about scoring with him that much

That is what I use him as… I assure you there is not a single regret. He just scores so easily that putting up 20+ is easy.

Definitely not worth locking in that CP3 to have a playmaker. Get 97 RWB for 100k.

I think the would fit in nicely with kobe kawhi Malone and kaj

An option I would find myself constantly driving with him

I just think there’s too many players on the market that do the same thing. How about Diamond West? He’s a beast.

True, what other pg are yet to be released