Heads up: Stay away from Adabo2002 (scammer)

Don’t waste your money or time on this lowborn - got scammed by him. Should’ve known better not to trust some dickweeb on the internet but dude had vouches and all so I assumed it would be fine. It’s the beginning of the month and this dude is already out here tryna scam for some food on the table, must be tough not making a dime sitting in that basement of your’s all day :rofl:


How much did he get you for?

What’s up with the influx of scammers… pitiful


Seems to be a lot of scammers out lately… in b4 lock.

$40. Well actually he bought one of my cards then fucked off…

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Maybe people risking it for GO Kobe. Pack odds bringing out the worst of the worst.

You guys need to be smarter about buying MT. If you don’t recognize the guy as a common poster, it’s probably suspect. Hit literally anyone up on the forum and ask if they’ve heard of the guy and if they haven’t, stay away. It’s not that hard guys.


There is no excuse for this man. They are not decent human beings . There is something called Karma

True. I think its shitty and not excusing anyone.

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Checked his profile and he had a good 5-6 vouches so I figured that it would be fine. Just gonna buy from coin sites instead from now on. Waste of time and money trying to trust people in 2019.

Are you on PS4 or Xbox?

You’re a bum @Adabo2002


PS4 man

There are extremely trustworthy people who sell for years now, not everyone’s a scum bro. But non the less, its a pitty to see people scam lately all over this place. Puts a bad rep on the rest of sellers and what’s worse takes enjoyment out of buyers and that’s just pathetic on their part. Worry not, the dude will get cancer in few months so it’s all Gucci.

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Do more due diligence. Not doing so feeds the scammers and keeps them fat.

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Cant trust kids. Adabo2002. Hes prob born in 2002. He cant even get a credit card.


Okay. There are bunch of trusted sellers on here for both PS4 and Xbox , just buy from them .

I know I know and have bought from people on here before but might as well just buy from a coin site I trust and save myself from having to worry if I’ll get what I paid for or not.

He’s gonna spend that 40$ on some Reggie, ik him in real life you want me to beat his ass for you?


Fr? Hopefully he spends it on some heavy calorie food cuz those skinny arms aren’t gonna save his ass in the real world :joy: