Heads up for this lowlife on XB1 NattyLite99

I mean you can just see in his GT he’s a lowlife for drinking Natty Lite but aside from that, he comes straight out in 5-out and plays offball, sending nonstop double teaming. Basically your typical SM douchebag.

Dude could at least drink beast. I played a guy last night that pnr every single time down. I don’t even know how the game is fun for them.


Probably played the same guy on XB1, literally 4-1 then PNR every single play.

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But isn’t it easy to counter the PnR if you know he’s going to do that every time? Just play on-ball and sag off?

Kid drinks natty lights, so already he has a reputation of a lowlife

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Prolly, but it was late I was barely paying attention. I just got pissed and dunked on him every time. :man_shrugging:t3:

Begins and ends with Natty Light. Ugh. We used to call it “Violence in a can” in college.

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Haha true. Did you win? Whenever I encounter these fuckers I just bring out my best defenders and on-ball, sag off. It changes the way I play for sure. Because most of the time, if you get a few good stops they just quit lol. Can’t cheeze = disconnect. But dunking on them is always a good way too haha.

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If they are good at pulling up to shoot or slipping the pick man to roll on the switch, sagging off doesn’t necessarily work. I usually bring help from a wing or at least fake help or anything to help force mistakes really.

I actually lost by three. He hit a three with Lebron from 6-10 feet from behind the line to win. With a hand in his face. That limitless range badge is such cheese. Nobody is taking that shot in the nba other than steph and I bet if you check his efficiency from out there it’s terrible.

I see a lot of posts about 5 out and PNR not the “right” way to play. I’m just curious what’s the correct way to play that would not offend people. I don’t 5-out even though it looks like every YouTuber does that. I’m not being facetious here, just curious. I do a fair mix of plays and PNR. But I feel like if I am effective at what I’m doing, I will inevitably get a message saying I’m “cheesing” PNR or spamming plays. Again, just trying to get some feedback and not criticizing or critiquing anyone’s commentary on play styles.

I would say playing regular would be good, as in not spamming PnR until you finally get the CPU to collapse even if it takes calling for a screen 5 times in one play. Exploiting the blow by with running 5-out and having shooters every where so there’s nothing you can do, moderate amount of just running plays, PnR/PnP, and maybe just iso every once in a while is how I play, I just hate when people run 5-out EVERY single play and then think they’re good cause they can exploit the blow by animation, and if you help everyone can shoot now so you’re screwed regardless


I played him, he’s trash

Natty is better than Keystone

He is trash

Thank you for explaining my exact thoughts on the situation in this god awful game.

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Only time I’ll ever run a 5-out is when I haven’t scored in awhile and my opponent is on a run, or when I have last possession in a quarter or game. Otherwise, I’m running my plays and freelance and running some PNR/PNP.