Anyone have any good workout headphones or earbuds they recc?

Preferably one that stays on my ears! For weights and running.

I’m getting tired of earbuds



I’ve heard beats are best for workouts for staying on and I know they have earbuds that have a hook around your ears


I will also recommend AirPods


I’m on android and did so much research on Bose, Sony, JayBirds.

But ended up with airpods, can’t complain

Bro I’m fucking weak

I’ve tried a bunch of different ones but haven’t tried the airpods. Out of Sony, old Apple ones, Klipsch, Sennheiser, Bose, and Beats I’d say Bose and then Klipsch were the nicest two.

Edit: just realized you said at the end getting tired of earbuds. Those are all I use. Beats are nice if you want overpowering bass I guess

Bose soundsport free $199.99 don’t @ me


Airpods actually stay in when you’re running and jumping and such?

Yeah, they’re really good, no earhooks or those hooks that dig into yoru ear canals needed.

No noise cancel, but IMO super convenient buds

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The wireless beats ones lebron endorses they’re fresh and stay in during everything

What’s your budget?

budget is under $150

cool, link?

Cool. Never would have imagined that but I guess I shoulda figured they’d be designed to not fall out easily.

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Ive tried both of these and they’re both excellent

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Yeah you have to try to get them to fall out but if you’re just lifting or running they should be good

Bose got good quality tho

Running is a pretty tough use case. Don’t need them to stay in during capoeira.

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