Havlicek outdated?

Couldn’t afford him a while back but loved him at sg last 2 years. Still playable?

@DEG @kinsman

Forgot which one but one of these guys love him

Hondos player model is small. His shot it also on the slow side. Ran him for over a 100 games at the 2. Definitely too small for the 3. If you run plays to get him open, he is still good. Has HOF defensive stopper which helps compensate for his small size.

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6’5 with hof dstopper so i suppose you can usually match him up properly on defense. I just think he’s hampered by subpar dribbling animations which hinders his offensive versatility.


He’s gonna be an expensive cop on PC. But he’s like everything I’m looking for and I like parody. Plus can’t do klays release

Thanks guys seems like he’s not worth it on PC compared to other options.

Havlicek was great at the 2! I ran the speed contested 3 shoe on him

He did struggle with players much bigger than him after they changed the contest patch