Having trouble with diamond Baron. Any advice?

I have steph coming off the bench but I was trying to use baron and he hasn’t been clicking for me. So I’ve been using kyrie but lost my past 2 games.

Baron may be the answer but it ain’t it yet…

His biggest strength is penetration + driving dunk
Cash from open 3 & moving 3
Great defender & steals

He is a great card, keep at it


Dont use him the same way as those two players. His defense makes up for some areas he feels off. Steals and dunks are insane. It could also be the equaliser having him on the team

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Yeah I’m going to blame the EQ maybe… I removed Camby from the lineup and put back Hakeem. So, hopefully a few more rubies will help.

Youll enjoy him :slight_smile: i got stockton now and run baron off the bench but iggy is too good not to play at the 1 aswell

Get rid of one, their releasing timing is quite tricky. U get better with one, gets worse with the other. I sold Curry.

Just keep using Baron and he’ll click for you soon… I think he’s one of the most user friendly cards out there.

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It is so fucking sad people have to keep finding ways to downgrade their teams.

Baron is amazing for me.

There is this thing called YouTube where I heard you can basically watch all the career highlights of Baron Davis.

You should have a idea on how to use him after understanding how he played in real life.

Baron has the 2nd easiest shot to green for me (J.R. #1). It took me about 70 games of domination to finally perfect it though, give it time…he’s sick nasty.