Having trouble with big man builds

Having trouble with big man builds

if i want to be able to dropstep does post moves matter?


postmoves are for dream shakes and post spins i believe, the stat youd want to max if youre looking to drop step is close shot and standing dunk

im not talking about badges tho bro i mean like post control does that have anything to do with drop step?

The way badges and stuff are worded, it doesn’t seem like it. But can’t say for sure.

idgi theres only 3 specific post stats in mycareer, post hook post fade and post moves, youll be able to backdown and drop step fine with low post moves.

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Also, my slashing/glass was able to dropstep people day one. But I can’t post spin to save my life. So I don’t think dropstep is governed by post moves this year.

Can you shoot 3s?

Haven’t tested 3s with him yet. I gotta see how base 38 fares with bad shooters in the corner in park with boosts.

From my sharpshooter, it feels like shooting might still be decently easy. But maybe attributes just matter a lot.

Been greening base 38 like crazy though (and I’m not an elite green guy).

you got quick draw

do you think 70 open 3 can hit consistently

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My sharp has quick draw and range extender bronze so far. Bronze quick draw doesn’t speed up base 38, but the rest do (just too fast to be sped up at bronze I guess).

I’ve only used my slashing glass and sharp so far, so I don’t have a feel for middle of the road shooters yet.

But if you’re talking about like a sharp/glass/defender big, I think 70 will be good with the right badges. If I make a 2nd big, that’s the route I’m gonna go.

70-75 is fine if you know your release.

Drop stepping success depends on height/weight advantages in my experience so far.

My 7’2" 290lb guy drop-step shaq dunks on dudes way more than my 7’0" 250lb experiment did.

Yeah, not sure if I’m gonna regret 7’0 vs 7’2”, but the speed felt so good on my 7’0” guy. And I wanted some vert, but it seems rebounding animations aren’t as “jumpy” this year, so not sure how much vert will matter. Maybe at the higher rebound chaser levels I’ll see it.

Edit: also rebounding is hard this year, they really added a lot of wresting down low. Can’t get complacent on a box out, and badges are a must. And there’s some new way to semi “phase” through box outs some guys have figured out. Really annoying, and I gotta figure out how to get my timing right to prevent it.

wait so base 38 is faster then others?

im stuck between 2 builds

what d badges do you have?

It has to get patched, its 25% faster than everything else.

Mid 500s vs mid 700s for almost all others.

And it has the best tested green % and make % so far…

Edit: almost all jumpers tested so far are slower with HOF quick draw, than base 38 with nothing

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ok last question

the bonus +1 - +4 attribute is that applied on top of the 99 potential

wait one more what are shooting skill boost do this year

I have a 7’1 slashing rim center & would highly recommend the build — it’s like that shaq build I posted

My 6’11 sharp rim is pretty disappointing compared to 2k19, the 7’1 paint beast finishing/defending is much more dominant

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I’m a paint beast so like 24 red badges eventually. Only have the basics on bronze + rebound chaser silver.

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