Having all the reward players this early kills the fun

First let me say, I’ve had all the reward players except GO Wilt for the last 2 weeks. Obviously it’s fun to play with them and beat the hell out of people.

But one thing that isn’t fun is not getting enjoyment out of new content, when you have a full squad of PDs and reward diamonds with shoes and fully badged it’s impossible to get excited about pullable amethysts and diamonds :joy:

So all you guys worried about getting to PD rewards, don’t rush just enjoy the game cause it gets stale with nothing to progress through except the monthly unlimited rewards




Nah I’m 100% with you. It’s not thrilling to see this Vince although I wish it was because if I didn’t have this team, I know I’d be excited for him.


Vince is nutty tho :slight_smile:

You’ll be excited when those pullable diamonds and pink diamonds completely overshadow the rewards. Just look at iggy already better than the diamonds in the whole market (melo still holds a chance). I get what you mean but we both know when lebron , Paul George , kd, Kobe , Durant etc get their cards it’s a wrap lol.

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It doesnt feel the same as last year with the game but at the same time, i should be happier ive saved alot more money. And maybe its because we learnt from all the bull shit last year lol

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Dude I’m just happy with the game play. Last year every aspect of my team was awful from gameplay to rewards to online/offline modes. This year yeah they’re releasing some crazy cardss fast but they’re not too O.P

And it’s ok to lose… Just like the real NBA you win some you lose some and this year I just am having a lot more fun win or lose.

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Speak for yourself buddy!!!

Was this a humble brag? :grinning:

Only kidding, I do get where you are coming from. I’m enjoying grinding for the rewards. Only two more amethyst to go and I’m on my way to who everybody says should be Melo lol

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Looking back I might have gone peja first, maybe even Baron.

i feel sorry for you poor brother.

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I enjoyed it till i got a line up of 5 pd reward cards lol now its a one day grind on unlimited then nothing for the month lol

you guys think 2k Dev come here, i posted a farming VC method with PNO last year, but you dont get anything anymore playing PNO… when I got to PD league last year all I did was play PNO but its not rewarding anymore.

How much money did you have to spend to get all those rewards…serious question?

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Last year when i got that full stat lebron the game went boring, i hope by the end of the year we still have variation in usable cards and its not just every game the same

Yeah, in terms of Rewards players I have only Boobie and Eaton so I guess I’ve got a mountain of fun ahead of me. :wink:

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Don’t think so, mate.
It more looks like a half of players gonna have the same Pink Diamond Rewards/Anniversary linup before🎄

Its fun to use those PD cards in TTO, I’m having a blast sitting on 1600 cards and now working tor words Wilt. I have a few more games to complete from the second domination and the third domination still yet to do. I’m sitting on 1 mil mt and I’m trying hard not to spend it. I’ve been playing a ton of TTO after working the auction for the first month.

If you spend money, you will always have the best cards this early.
I didnt buy any packs, and i’m still 20 tokens away for my first diamond. I can’t complete any current sets because of the prices.

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I was lucky and made a ton off the auction house, i was sitting on 2 mil mt at about 1250 cards. now I’m 1 mil mt at 1615 cards.