Haven't been able to connect all weekend, need help xbox

Anyone know whats going on here. I can’t connect to the servers.

Reset console.

I’ve tried that a few times, still nothing :slightly_frowning_face:

Login other account and then log back in the main one, if that wont help try youtube :o:

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Did you validate your information by clicking the link 2k sent to your email when you created your account . I lost access to a farm profile in 2k15 , because I hadn’t clicked on the link in two months , I logged back in and got this error

Yeah, I’ve been playing 2k for like 4 years on this account so that shouldn’t be a problem

Maybe this is a problem on Xbox 's side of things . A case to support will def help

I opened up a ticket with support, by past experience they’ll take 2 weeks to respond :joy:

2 weeks !! What are you going to do away from the game :smile:

Haha, they actually replied within 2 hours. Apparently I need to wait for an update which could take up to 2 days

Have you tried clearing your cache

Yes ofc, restarted the console and even tried different internet :slightly_frowning_face:


These are the answers I got:

You have digital or disc?


Maybe try another account on your Xbox and see if that account works and it able to update the game. Worst case scenario you can try uninstalling and reinstalling the game

Tried another account and that doesn’t work. Think I’ll just have to reinstall :pensive: it’ll probably be faster then waiting for this update. Been idle for 3 hours now

Hope it works fam

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What the hell, reinstall didn’t work :pensive: