Haven’t played in two months. Have about 600k MT to spend. Who should I buy? (More in description)

Right now I have PD RJ, diamond Cam, Opal Worthy and PD Embiid. I’ve been looking at the market and some cards that interest me are the PD Myles Turner and maybe the Opal Shawn Kemp.

tried to include ur somewhat meta cards and both the cards you are eyeing. i would use dino over myles but if u want to use myles hes good too


How are Wes’s dribble moves? Also RIP :pray:


wes has the best sizeup in the game, a slow but glitchy btb, a cancelable hesi, and a slow between the legs. hes good. RIP

Decent list, I would go pd Herro>PD Caldwell, they’re both base 98, but herro feels better imo. Also gotta mention pd Ben Wallace, d nic Batum, and Amy bonga are all budget beasts

hmm don’t think herro is 98. tho I haven’t used him and he hasn’t got to a price where I’m willing to buy him to try yet

He’s def 98. Had him since release. It’s DWade shot

And he’s a DribbleGod

hes got a great release but its actually base 107 which is the third fastest release in the game behind 98/wade and 38. feel almost the same tho

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I was gonna say. I can’t tell a difference at all

Move Kemp to the bench C, AK47 at starting PF insert another 3&D at SF…

You want to PNR with your C to target their slowest player and Kemp isn’t good if you just keep him for catch and shoot

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sf could be wallace. good idea!